Section III - Business & Financial Matters


Purchasing - Supplies, Services and Equipment

To provide procedures for obtaining supplies, services and equipment.

A requisition for purchase form must be submitted to the appropriate Vice President. Individuals should retain the departmental copy for their file. The Vice President will evaluate on the basis of need and make recommendation to the Vice President for Administrative Services. A separate requisition form is needed for each supplier. Numerous supplies and equipment are on "state contract" and must be purchased from the vendor on record unless the exact product or service can be purchased from a vendor at a price lower than the “state contract” price. You may review the contracts on the Internet at: In order to create a purchase order, the vendor has to be registered for Eprocurement, which is a statewide electronic system of creating purchase orders that are submitted directly to the vendor. To verify status, go to the P & C website listed above, go to NC Eprocurement, Vendor Search, Registered Vendor Search and type in the vendor name. The requisition should include the name and address of the vendor, a complete description of the items being requisitioned, unit and extended prices, sales tax, shipping if known, total dollar amount of requisition, and the account to be charged. Purchases up to $5,000 do not require three written quotes or bids per state regulations; however, RCC’s purchasing policy encourages competition in all levels and thus encourages the cardholder to seek competition whenever possible. Incomplete requisitions will result in a delay of receipt of goods. After the requisition is approved, the Purchasing Department will issue the purchase order with a copy sent to the preparer of the requisition. Randolph Community College will not be responsible for purchases by an individual in any other manner. Emergency requests should be avoided. The full text of RCC purchasing policies and procedures are contained in the Randolph Community College Purchasing Procedures Manual. Individuals involved in the purchasing process are expected to be familiar with the content.

The Purchasing Agent has the authority to request and issue credit cards for unusual, emergency circumstances. These cards are issued in the employees’ name as well as RCC and have strict guidelines. See the Purchasing Procedures Manual for instructions.

Office-type supplies are stored in the Purchasing Department. These supplies may be checked out as needed and appropriate charges will be assessed to departmental budgets monthly.


Adopted: 04/15/1999

Revised: 03/16/2007