Section III - Business & Financial Matters


Purchasing - Items for Preview or On Approval

To provide guidelines on how to order items for preview or on approval.

Items ordered for preview or on approval to be paid from departmental supply or equipment budgets must be requested on a requisition form just like a purchase except they should be marked "Preview" or "On Approval." A copy of the preview or on approval policy for that company must be attached to the back of the requisition. Requisitions will be handled in the Purchasing and Receiving Office. Items will be returned to the Purchasing and Receiving office for shipping or employee must advise if item(s) will be kept and invoice paid. This must be done before the preview or on approval time expires as per the company's policy. If the preview or on approval item is to be kept, a second requisition must be submitted and approved just like any other requisition for purchase.

Exceptions to this include: (1) Textbooks ordered for possible adoption should continue to be handled by the Faculty Assistant, and (2) Items being requested to be paid from library funds must be requested through the Director of Library Services.

NOTE: In no case will supplies, equipment or items be charged to this College without submitting the Requisition for Purchase Form to the appropriate administrative staff member for approval. The staff member will review the request and justification and submit same to the appropriate Vice President for final approval of purchase. Only after the final approval will the College be liable for payment. Any items, supplies, services, or equipment charged otherwise will be the sole responsibility of that individual making the purchase.


Adopted: 04/15/1999