Section II - Administration

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Job Description - Vice President for Student Services

To outline the duties of the Vice President for Student Services

The Vice President for Student Services reports directly to the President. The Vice President for Student Services sets the direction for Student Services programs and activities that enhance opportunities for students to succeed. The Vice President for
Student Services supervises the Student Services staff in implementing those Student Services programs and activities.

  • Advises the President of the College on matters related to student services.
  • Oversees all areas of Student Services and provides leadership for and oversight of the development, management, assessment, and quality improvement, including student recruitment, enrollment management, admissions, placement/testing, orientation, registration and records, financial aid, retention, student activities, student organizations, career development, counseling, due process, Title IX, Veteran’s Affairs, the Success Center, and the Information Center.
  • Advises and consults with other Vice Presidents to ensure collaborative and efficient practices are in place to serve students, faculty, and staff in order to fulfill the mission of the College.
  • Establishes and maintains positive community relations that contribute to the College’s ability to fulfill its mission.
  • Develop student service programs and services that reach out to underrepresented groups and meet the diverse needs of the RCC student body.
  • Provides Student Services leadership for off-campus learning centers.
  • Ensure that students enrolled in the virtual campus and off-campus centers can conveniently access student services.
  • Build efficient student services systems within the college that emphasize customer service and ensure that the needs of all Randolph Community College (RCC) students are met.
  • Serve as the College’s student conduct officer and adjudicate student disciplinary matters.
  • Interpret and administer the Student Code of Conduct and recommend policies and procedures to the President to ensure that students are treated respectfully and equitably in all aspects of their college experience.
  • Act as an advocate for student concerns/issues and as an agent in promoting positive institutional change.
  • Monitor legal compliance issues, (i.e. FERPA, Title IX, etc.) and facilitate due process procedures to ensure an environment conducive to the educational process.
  • Responsible for the College’s annual curriculum graduation ceremony.
  • Recommend policies and procedures to the President that will improve student life, promote learning, and provide students with appropriate support.
  • Collaborates with Randolph Early College High School Principal to interpret and uphold the student code of conduct policies and procedures as it relates to the College.
  • Provides supervision and counsel regarding student activities, the Student Government Association, and related functions.
  • Lead the operational planning, budget, assessment, and continuous improvement processes for Student Services.
  • Develops and administers the Student Services annual budget in collaboration with the Vice President for Administrative Services and staff.
  • Collaborates with the Associate Vice President of Institutional Advancement in the procurement of external funding for Student Services programs and services to enhance Student Services.
  • Provides leadership for and oversees reporting for Student Services.
  • Remains current and competent in technology as related to Student Services and Student Services functions.
  • Evaluates assigned personnel and makes salary adjustment recommendations to the President.
  • Provides leadership for the recruitment, selection for employment, development, and retention of all assigned full-time and part-time staff.
  • Demonstrated excellence in written, oral, and interpersonal communication skills.
  • Demonstrated commitment to diversity, equal opportunity, and the academic, intellectual, and social development of all students and employees.
  • An understanding of and commitment to the comprehensive community college philosophy and mission.
  • Treats others respectfully, speaks to others courteously, and behaves in such a way that creates a workplace environment that is marked by trustworthiness, honest but polite communication, and interpersonal interactions that are both personally cordial and professionally appropriate.
  • Acts as a team player when working with any and all employees of the College.
  • Serves on institutional committees as appointed by the President.
  • Performs other duties and responsibilities as needed.
  • Annually review all Randolph Community College safety rules and policies and be familiar with all emergency safety procedures. Promote good safety habits and be compliant with OSHA safety regulations.


Adopted: 03/16/2007

Revised: 11/20/2008, 3/14/2018