Section II - Administration

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Board of Trustees - Standing Committees

To describe the membership of the Board of Trustees' standing committees and legislative liaisons 

Executive Committee

Purpose: To exercise all the powers and prerogatives of the Board of Trustees, except those expressly reserved for the full Board, during intervals between meetings of the full Board of Trustees.

Budget & Finance/Building & Grounds Committee

Purpose: To provide fiduciary oversight and policy guidance on matters related to College finances and facilities and to make appropriate policy recommendations to the full Board.

Instructional Programs Committee

Purpose: To provide policy oversight and guidance on matters related to College educational program offerings and make appropriate policy recommendations to the full Board.

Effective Trusteeship Committee

Purpose: To promote professional development of Trustees and promote attendance of Trustees at various events and meetings. The committee chair shall represent the RCC Board of Trustees at trustee organization meetings.

Personnel Committee

Purpose: To coordinate the annual evaluation of the President of the College and make appropriate personnel policy recommendations to the full Board.

Resource Development Committee

Purpose: To promote College resource development in cooperation with the RCC Foundation, Inc. and make appropriate resource development policy recommendations to the full Board. The committee Chair shall represent the Board of Trustees on the RCC Foundation, Inc. Board of Directors.

Legislative Liaisons

Purpose: To represent the interests of RCC and the North Carolina Community College System to local and state legislators. One Legislative Liaison is appointed as the Legislative Liaison from the Board of Trustees to NCACCT.

Ethics Liaison

Purpose: To be the contact to receive information from the Ethics Commission and communicate it to other Board members.


Adopted: 04/15/1999

Revised: 02/01/2000, 10/19/2000, 10/25/2001, 10/17/2002, 01/15/2004, 11/20/2008