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RCC ceremonies pave the way for law enforcement, healthcare professionals to join the workforce

Photo of a person giving a speech.
High School Equivalency graduate Paola Bumbaca delivers a speech during the 2023 December College and Career Readiness Graduation, held Dec. 14 in the R. Alton Cox Learning Resources Center (LRC) Auditorium on Randolph Community College’s Asheboro Campus.
Basic Law Enforcement Training (BLET) graduate and Class Leader Abigail Carter shakes hands with RCC President/CEO Dr. Shah Ardalan.

Seventy-seven individuals participated in three December ceremonies at Randolph Community College.

“These ceremonies mark a significant milestone in students’ lives, symbolizing the culmination of weeks of hard work, dedication, and academic achievement,” expressed RCC President/CEO Dr. Shah Ardalan.

On Friday, Dec. 8, the CNA Pinning Ceremony took place, featuring a cohort of 27 students who crossed the stage. Among them, Kathleen Martin was one of the four students given the opportunity to speak during the ceremony.

“I was so nervous going into the first day of class. I was so thankful for this class, for everybody that I got to know, and the confidence I gained,” said Martin, who added that she never wanted to be a nurse, but her dad encouraged her to take the career path.

On Monday, Dec. 11, RCC’s 95th Basic Law Enforcement Training (BLET) class walked across the stage, each having already been hired by a local agency. Class Leader Abigail Carter, who has been hired by the Randolph County Sheriff’s Office, said that, while the grueling 18 weeks of training made the class members question whether they were in the right field, it prepared them for the road ahead.

“We’ve become like a family, and I would trust them with my life, which is truly vital in this line of work,” she said. “Having a support system is especially important in law enforcement.”


RCC Nursing Assistant Coordinator/Instructor Kimberly Barkley puts graduate Kathleen Martin’s pin on her scrubs.

A record 39 students earned their Adult High School or High School Equivalency diplomas in the CCR Graduation Ceremony on Dec. 14, including Paola Bumbaca. Originally from Columbia, Bumbaca came to the United States in 2009. She started her RCC journey by enrolling in English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) classes and then earned her diploma. Throughout every step, she said she was encouraged by RCC faculty and staff, even saying that one of the instructors was “like a father.”

“These ceremonies are a transformative moment that often serves as a catalyst for profound personal and professional growth,” Ardalan said.

“The bonds formed during the educational journey become lasting connections that continue to shape and enrich students’ lives. RCC takes pride in being part of this journey. We are also thrilled to extend an invitation to the graduates of the three programs to join our May 8 graduation ceremony in Greensboro. These students are stepping into a future full of possibilities.”

Randolph Community College (RCC), under the leadership of President/CEO Dr. Shah Ardalan, is committed to providing relevant career training and educational opportunities. Affordable degrees and short-term certificate programs start throughout the year, both in person and online. For more information, call 336-633-0200 or visit and expect to engage with the most competent and compassionate team of faculty and staff.

(All cities are in N.C. unless otherwise noted.)

Asheboro: Rachel Bodin, Matthew Canham, Irma Gonzalez, Ruth Kish, Jarice Luster, Jase Medley, Nathan Otero.

Liberty: Brian Logan.

Randleman: Abigail Carter.

Thomasville: Clifford Lambeth.

Troy: Donald Herron.

(All cities are in N.C. unless otherwise noted.)

Morning Class

Asheboro: Mary Pruitt.

Bennett: Ainsley Hancock.

Denton: Erica Talent.

Ramseur: Shannon Purvis.

Randleman: Josephine Jenkins, Olivia Lovings.

Sophia: Brenda Aleman Toledo, Itzel Jaimes-Avila.

Staley: Rylie Heim.

Trinity: Kristi Dunn.

Afternoon Class

Asheboro: Chanel Barnett-Riggins, Carolina Castro-Perez, Jamori Farrish, Damia Fernandez.

Denton: Kathleen Martin.

Ramseur: Emani Frazier.

Seagrove: Regan Allred.

Thomasville: Destinee Southern.

Evening Class

Asheboro: Jazmin Glass, Kayla Murphy, Cherise Parson.

Climax: Donna Kendrick.

Franklinville: Heather Wood.

Liberty: Elizabeth Bautista-Chahuiz, Haley Cox-Ratcliffe.

Siler City: Maria Mendoza Martinez.

Star: Cristal Contreras.

(All cities are in N.C. unless otherwise noted.)

Adult High School Diploma

Asheboro: Briana Fultz, Kelainy Lopez, Natalie Russell, Ryan Van Bencoten.

Pleasant Garden: Lindsey Lemons.

Randleman: Haley Cooper.

Thomasville: Matthew Mahan.

Trinity: Zackery Barnett, Shayann Wade.

High School Equivalency

Archdale: Aaron King, Jossalin Ward.

Asheboro: Jonathan Castro Contreras, Diana Esparza-Villa, Jaylen Ledbetter, Destiny Mcie, Shavon Reddell, Joshua Sanabria, Tayde Sanchez Gonzalez, Barbara Staton, Jillian Stiltner, Deedee Stone, Merrick Turner, Malachi Walden.

Climax: Jackson Coble, Dorthea Reed.

Denton: Paola Bumbaca.

Greensboro: Jericho Siler.

High Point: Margaret Byers.

Ramseur: Diana Corral, Dluce Garcia-Villela, Jessica Spicer.

Randleman: Maria Aguirre, Mariam Guerrero, Laura Tischler.

Sophia: Melissa Greene, Rodney Lawrence, Alba Luz Salinas Ruiz Sr., Madison Williams.

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