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Fire & Rescue Services

If you want to become a firefighter, RCC can help. We have a Firefighter Cadet program each fall and spring, as well as numerous certification and specialty classes. *The next Fire Academy (FF I&II/Hazmat/TIMS) is September 10 - December 6, 2018. Call 336-633-4165 for registration information.*

For more information on any of these, contact Debbie Callicutt at 336-633-4165 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

To register for Fire & Rescue courses, please call

You will also need to fill out this form.

The form is a fillable PDF which you can fill out and save to your computer. Once you've completed the form, you may email it to Debbie Callicutt at dscallicutt@randolph.edu or print it out and fax the form to 336-633-3071. You may contact Debbie at 336-633-4165.

For further information on the specifics of these classes, contact Debbie Callicutt at 336-633-4165 or dscallicutt@randolph.edu.

Preregistration is encouraged due to limited seating.

Fee exempt if affiliated with an emergency services agency.