Eligible Programs for Financial Aid

You are required to be in an eligible program of study to receive federal and state financial aid. Most programs of study at Randolph Community College are eligible for financial aid; however, there are some certificates that are not. Please see the lists of programs of study below to determine if your program is eligible. For more information on available financial aid options, please schedule an appointment with the Financial Aid team.

If you're a Veteran, check out our programs of study that are eligible for VA benefits.

Eligible Programs of Study

CIP Code Program of Study
A25800 Accounting and Finance
A30100 Advertising & Graphic Design
A15100G Agribusiness Technology
A15100N Agribusiness Technology - NCSU
A45110 Associate Degree Nursing
A10100 Associate in Arts 
A10100P Associate in Arts-Pfeiffer
A10300 Associate in General Education
A10300MA Associate in General Education - Medical Assisting
A10300N Associate in General Education - Nursing
A10300R Associate in General Education - Radiography
A10300WS Associate in General Education - WSSU
A10400 Associate in Science
A10400AT Associate in Science - A&T
A60160 Automotive Systems Technology
A25120B Business Administration
A25120HR Business Administration-Human Resource Management
A60130 Collision Repair and Refinishing Technology
A50210 Computer-Integrated Machining
A55140 Cosmetology
A55140S Cosmetology - Spring Admission
A55180 Criminal Justice Technology
A55220G Early Childhood Education - Transfer w/ Licensure
Early Childhood Education - Transfer Non Licensure
Early Childhood Education - Transfer w/ Licensure
Electrical Systems Technology
Healthcare Management Technology
Human Services Technology
Human Services Technology/Substance Abuse Concentration
Industrial Systems Technology - Mechatronics Technician
Information Technology - Network and Cyber Security Specialist
Information Technology - Support Specialist
Interior Design
Manufacturing Technology - Machining
Manufacturing Technology - Mechatronics
Medical Assisting
Medical Office Administration
Photographic Technology - Commercial Photography
Photographic Technology - Photojournalism
Photographic Technology - Portrait Studio Management
A45700 Radiography

CIP Code Program of Study
D25800 Accounting
D15100G Agribusiness Technology
D60430 Automotive Light-Duty Diesel Technology
D60160 Automotive Systems Technology
D25120 Business Administration
D60130 Collision Repair and Refinishing Technology
D50210 Computer-Integrated Machining
D55140 Cosmetology
D55140S Cosmetology - Spring Admission
D55220 Early Childhood Education
D35130 Electrical Systems Technology
D25200 Healthcare Management Technology
D50240 Industrial Systems Technology - Mechatronics Technician
D25310 Medical Office Administration
D50420 Welding Technology

CIP Code Program of Study
Advertising & Graphic Design
C60160 Automotive Systems Technology
C60160U Automotive Systems Undercar
C25120 Business Administration
C25120M Business Administration-Marketing
C60130 Collision Repair and Refinishing Technology
C55140 Cosmetology
C55140EV Cosmetology - Evening
C55220 Early Childhood Education
C55220A Early Childhood Education Administration
C55290 Early Childhood Infant/Toddler
C35130 Electrical Systems Technology
C35130B Electrical Systems Technology Wiring
C50240 Industrial Systems Technology - Mechatronics Technician
Information Technology - Network and Cyber Security Specialist
C25590S Information Technology - Support Specialist
C30220 Interior Design-Architectural Technology and Design Certificate
C30220D Interior Design-Digital Imaging and Design Certificate
C50320 Manufacturing Technology
C25310 Medical Office Administration

Ineligible Programs of Study

CIP Code Program of Study
C25800 Accounting
C15100A Agri-Accounting Certificate
C15100 Agribusiness Technology
C60430 Automotive Light-Duty Diesel Technology
C45200 Computed Tomography and Magnetic Resonance Imaging Technology
C50210 Computer-Integrated Machining
C50210TM Computer-Integrated Machining - CNC Programming Turning & Milling
C50210AM Computer-Integrated Machining-Advanced Machining
C50210CM Computer-Integrated Machining-CNC Milling
C50210LA Computer-Integrated Machining-CNC Turning
C55180 Criminal Justice Technology
C35130A Electrical Systems Technology
C25200 Healthcare Management Technology
C45380 Human Services Technology - Substance Abuse
C25990V Information Technology - Virtualization
C55400 Manicuring/Nail Technology
C50420M Welding Technology - MIG
C50420T Welding Technology - TIG
C15100H Zoological Horticulture Certificate