Name Amount Division Deadline
All USA Community College Coca Cola Academic Team Varies Varies
Dottie Martin Teachers Scholarship $500.00 June 1 of each year
American Board of Funeral Service Education Scholarship $500-$2,500 March 1 and September 1
CFNC Scholarships Varies Varies, see website
Allen Ryan Todd Scholarship $415/semester 8/28/17
College Board Varies by scholarship Varies by scholarship
Community College Foundation scholarships Varies Varies
NC Reach Varies No deadline
North Carolina Education and Training Voucher Program $5,000 No deadline
Sunesta Scholarship $1,000.00 July 15, annually
Rxight Scholarship Program $1,000 September 1 and April 1
TEMO Sunrooms Scholarship Program $1,000.00 9/30 annually
Laser Spine Institute Scholarship $1,500 Annually, June 15
HugMe.Fashion Scholarship $500 11/29/17
Emergency Dentists USA Scholarship 1st place- $1,000 , 2nd place- $500 Annually, June 1

Scholarship Room

Each year, the RCC Financial Aid Office receives several letters from scholarships entities that are offering free money to students like you. Until now, the Financial Aid Office had no way of effectively relaying these opportunities.

The number of scholarships will continue to grow as we receive information from scholarship entities.

If you wish to search for scholarships that are specific to a Division assigned to are in (ex. Health Occupations), simply select the "Division" category at right.

If you wish to search for scholarships that are specific for areas such as Veterans, Minority or Disabled, select the "Other Scholarship Areas" category at right.

Thank you again for choosing Randolph Community College as your source for higher education and please let us know if we can be of any further assistance!