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How can distance learning benefit YOU?

Are you contemplating earning a degree or furthering your education, but find it difficult or impossible to attend regular classes on campus due to family and work obligations?  RCC and Distance Learning can be the solution.

Some of the benefits of Distance Learning are

You can access online courses 24/7 from any Internet connection.
No parking hassles or commute time.
No traffic worries or driving in bad weather.
Cost effective.
Save on fuel and eating-out expenses.
Never late for class.
You have deadlines for submitting assignments and completing tests, but you determine when you log in during the week.
Interactive and engaging.
Ask questions and participate in course discussion forums.

Many students find that an online environment gives them the courage to ask questions, develop self-discipline, and virtually meet classmates from around the state.

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Randolph Community College offers you multiple ways to enroll in Distance Education in both Curriculum and Continuing Education programs:

An Online course is accessed and instructed entirely over the Internet through Moodle (a software program used to deliver distance learning courses). Your communications with your instructor and classmates will be in the form of e-mail and discussion forums.
A Hybrid course combines online learning with one or more scheduled, mandatory on campus class(es) that meet(s) at specific times. Your instructor will identify the specific days and times for the on-campus attendance.
A Web-Supported course is primarily delivered (51% or more) via a traditional face-to-face method with a requirement that students have Internet access as portions of the course will be delivered online.
A Videoconferencing course is delivered in a special classroom on campus that enables the instructor at one location to teach to one or more other specified campus site locations by using a live video broadcast. This live broadcast allows you to see and communicate with your instructor and fellow classmates. These classes meet on site at regular dates and times.

You can register for our courses by phone, mail, online, or in person. Once enrolled at RCC, students pay regular tuition and fees, have access to all student services, study under the College's rules and regulations, and receive academic credit.

What are your educational dreams!

Distance Learning Staff

Devin A. Sova

Devin A. Sova

Director of Distance Education

Phone: 336-318-7820
Fax: 336-629-4695

Renée H. Kerkensen

Renée H. Kerkensen

Distance Education Support Specialist

Phone: 336-633-0212
Fax: 336-629-4695

Cameron P. Eunice

Cameron P. Eunice

Distance Education Technical Specialist

Phone: 336-633-0263
Fax: 336-629-4695

Theresa A. Daniels

Theresa A. Daniels

Distance Education Instructional Design Specialists

Phone: 336-633-0299
Fax: 336-629-4695