Writing Across the Curriculum - WriteNow!

Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP)

Why Writing?

  • Good written communication skills extend beyond the classroom and serve to increase students' employability.
  • Writing is an active learning process and is used to communicate information, to clarify thinking, and to learn new concepts and information.
  • Students become effective writers through practice.


How do we define "good writing"?

  • RCC defines effective writing as the ability to communicate a clear message that uses standard written English and demonstrates an understanding of the intended audience.


Basic Principles of WAC

  • Writing promotes learning.
  • Writing is the responsibility of the entire academic community.
  • Writing must be integrated across departmental boundaries.


Our Goals

To improve student written communication skills for academic and career endeavors, RCC will:

  • establish programs and services to support and enhance student writing, including a fully staffed Writing Center;
  • design and implement a faculty professional development program to train faculty in Writing Across the Curriculum;
  • increase the use of rubrics and writing strategies in curriculum courses.