Disability Support Services

It's no secret that college is a lot different than high school, that's true for all students. But it's even more so for students with disabilities and we understand that. Our staff takes the time to learn what unique accommodations are needed for each student and then goes the extra mile to make sure those accommodations are put into place. 

Tammy Cheek, our Disability Services Coordinator, is an expert in her field. She's comfortable with the process and will gladly walk you through the accommodations request form, which has to be submitted separately from the RCC application.

We are dedicated to providing the right type of accommodations for our students who have documented disabilities because we are here to help create opportunities and change lives. 

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Legally, an applicant with disabilities who wants to request accommodations (in compliance with the Vocational Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990) must identify themselves to the Disability Services Coordinator (Tammy Cheek) before receiving accommodations.
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It is important for you to review (and complete) the Disability Support Services forms. If you see two versions of the same form, just fill out one. If you print the PDF, it will need to be returned to Tammy Cheek, whose office is located inside the Welcome Center.
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New or currently enrolled students with disabilities who would like to request accommodations, please contact Tammy Cheek Disability Services Coordinator at 336-633-0246 or email twcheek@randolph.edu in sufficient time for the College to assist, if necessary. You may schedule an appointment with Tammy here.

Also, if you need to use the Assessment Center for curriculum assessment please click here. Ms. Cheek can also help answer your questions about the Assessment Center or you can call it directly at 336-633-0321.