Air Force ROTC

A cooperative program between Randolph Community College and North Carolina A&T State University.


What is Air Force ROTC?

The Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) is an educational program designed to provide theoretical and applied leadership experience to become an Air Force Officer, while completing your bachelor’s degree. The ROTC will help you develop leadership skills and self-confidence. After completion of degree and ROTC, our goal is to commission second lieutenants into the Air Force based on your leadership skills.


General Requirements

To participate in the Air Force ROTC, you must be enrolled full time at RCC and take your ROTC training at A&T. You must also meet physical, moral, academic, and citizenship requirements.


How much time will I spend on A&T’s campus?

Approximately five hours a week for freshmen and sophomores; seven hours a week for juniors and seniors.


What training is included the ROTC program?

  • Field Training
  • Leadership Laboratory
  • Physical Training
  • ROTC Courses


What are the benefits?

  • Scholarship Opportunities
  • Monthly, tax-free stipend during academic year while on scholarship or Professional Officer course
  • Academic credits
  • Orientation flights aboard Air Force aircraft
  • Rewarding job after graduation


After completing ROTC and graduating, what are my obligations?

After completion of the ROTC program, students will join the Air Force after graduation, at which time they will be commissioned as second lieutenants in active duty. Non-flying officers are required to serve four years; combat system officers and air battle managers must serve six years; and pilots serve a minimum of 10 years.

For more information, contact one of RCC's student counselors by visiting the Welcome Center, calling 336-633-0200, or making an appointment online.