Student Life at Randolph Community College

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Randolph Community College, through Student Services, provides activities and services to enhance and broaden the educational experiences of students. While the College maintains a supervisory role over student life, as specified in the following paragraphs, students are encouraged to take active roles in participation and leadership.

RCC attempts to provide extracurricular activities for students since the College believes that such activities contribute to the overall growth and educational development of an individual.

Unless otherwise specified, activities will require the approval of the vice president for student services or designee and may require notification of additional individuals and/or offices as designated by the vice president.
In general, requests should be made in writing at least four weeks in advance. Please check with the director of student life and recruitment at 336-633-0224 for specific details.

Student Lounge

RCC provides a student lounge area for the comfort and relaxation of its student body. It is the duty of both students and staff to help keep the lounge area as neat and clean as possible at all times. Good housekeeping practices should be maintained.

Student Publications

Students at RCC have the right and privilege of freedom of expression through student publications. Requests for student publications will be presented to the Review Committee, which will determine their purpose, content and appropriateness to the goals of the College and its role in the community The committee will appoint a supervising editorial advisor. This individual will oversee all aspects of the approved publication.

The Review Committee is composed of the following:

  • the vice president for instructional services
  • the vice president for student services
  • one member from the English faculty
  • two representatives from the student body, one from Curriculum and one from Continuing Education

In cases where the final decision of the Review Committee is not satisfactory to the student, the normal due process of the College is observed (see the College Catalog).

For more information about student activities at Randolph Community College, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., RCC’s director of student life and recruitment, or call 336-633-0224.

Student Activities Staff

Shane C. Bryson

Recruitment & Student Life Specialist

Phone: 336-633-0224
Fax: 336-629-4695