All USA Community College Coca Cola Academic TeamVariesVaries
CFNC ScholarshipsVariesVaries, see website
College BoardVaries by scholarshipVaries by scholarship
NC ReachVariesNo deadline
North Carolina Education and Training Voucher Program$5,000No deadline
College GreenlightVariesVaries
Wells Fargo Technical Scholarship Program$5008/25/17 (Fall deadline) & 2/12/18 (Spring deadline)
American Board of Funeral Service Education Scholarship$500-$2,500March 1 and September 1
Golden Door ScholarsVariesVaries, see website
UNC-G scholarships for transfersVariesVaries by scholarship
Phi Theta Kappa ScholarshipsVariesVaries
Emergency Dentists USA Scholarship1st place- $1,000 , 2nd place- $500Annually, June 1
African-American Grantsstarts at $5,000Varies
North Carolina A&T State University Transfer ScholarshipUp to $1,000Varies Annual Art & Design Scholarship$1,0005/31 annually