50 Facts for 50 Years

  1. What was the first name of Randolph Community College?
    Answer:  Randolph Industrial Education Center
  2. What year did the first major plans for a technical school in Randolph County begin? 
    Answer:  1957
  3. What leading Asheboro industrialist was responsible for submitting a bid for the proposed school to the State Board of Education and in what year?
    Answer:  Charles W. McCrary, Sr. of Acme-McCrary, Inc.
  4. Where were the temporary headquarters of the college before the campus opened?
    Answer:  In the basement of Fayetteville Street School on Fayetteville Street in Asheboro
  5. Who served as the first director?  (now referred to as president)
    Answer:  Al G. Farkas
  6. Since 1962, who has served the longest term as president? 
    Answer:  Merton H. Branson (1964-1988)
  7. Who was the first chairman of the joint city-county school board committee who oversaw the operations of the school from 1960-1963?
    Answer:  T. Henry Redding
  8. Who was the first chairman of the Board of Trustees and in what year?
    Answer:  J. W. (Willie) Plummer, 1963
  9. When did the first out-of-school training program begin?
    Answer:  March 1962
  10. Who was the architect and general contractor for the first building on campus? 
    Answer:  J. J. Croft (Architect); S. E. Trogdon and Sons (Contractor)
  11. When did the first class of adult basic education begin? 
    Answer:  April 1964
  12. What was the original size of the Administration/Education Center prior to its additions?
    Answer:  33,000 Square Feet
  13. What was the second name of the school and what year did the name change? 
    Answer:  Randolph Technical Institute, October 1965
  14. Who was appointed as the Center’s second director in 1961? 
    Answer:  Robert E. Carey
  15. What month, day, and year did the college open for curriculum classes? 
    Answer:  September 4, 1962
  16. How many faculty members and staff members were employed when the college opened?
    Answer:  7 faculty members, 5 staff members
  17. What programs were available when the college opened? 
    Answer:  Machine Shop, Drafting, Auto Mechanics, Welding, Electronics, Electrical
  18. How many students were enrolled when the college first opened? 
    Answer:  75
  19. When was the college first officially dedicated? 
    Answer:  April 1963
  20. What curriculum program produced the first graduates and when did they graduate?
    Answer:  Welding, November 1963
  21. When was the first official graduation ceremony held and where? 
    Answer:  August 16, 1964, Administration/Education Center, on campus
  22. How many students graduated in the first official graduation exercises? 
    Answer:  36
  23. When did the school become Randolph Technical College? 
    Answer:  July 1979
  24. The College’s fourth name change to Randolph Community College came in what year?
    Answer:  1988
  25. What is RCC’s mascot?  What year was the mascot officially approved by the Board of Trustees? 
    Answer:  Armadillo, 1980
  26. What are official schools colors?  What year was orange added? 
    Answer:  Reflex Blue and Silver, 2009
  27. Who became RCC’s president when Merton H. Branson retired in 1988? 
    Answer:  Dr. Larry K. Linker
  28. In what year did RCC’s Archdale campus open? 
    Answer:  1990
  29. What new facility opened on RCC’s campus in 1999?
    Answer:  Campus Store
  30. Who served as RCC’s President from 2000-2006? 
    Answer:  Dr. Richard T. Heckman
  31. Which former President came out of retirement to serve as interim President in 2006? 
    Answer:  Dr. Larry K. Linker
  32. In what year was the College’s Foundation established? 
    Answer:  1979
  33. When did the College offer its first Internet courses? 
    Answer:  January 1999
  34. What was the College’s first specialty program and what year did it start? 
    Answer:  Interior Design, 1967
  35. Who was hired to start the college’s first specialty program? 
    Answer:  Instructors Dwight Holland and Dennis McMullin
  36. In what year did the College begin to offer college transfer courses? 
    Answer:  1970 through a contractual agreement with University of North Carolina at Greensboro
  37. A $2.5 million bond referendum passed in 1978, provided the College with funds to construct what three buildings? 
    Answer:  Vocational-Technical Center, Student Services Center, Learning Resources Center
  38. What year did the Randolph Early College High School open? 
    Answer:  2006
  39. What is the Randolph Early College High School mascot?
    Answer:  The Raven
  40. Who is the Bell and Clocktower named for and what year was it placed on campus? 
    Answer:  J.B. Davis, Former CEO of Klaussner Furniture, 2003
  41. What was the first sports team at RCC, what year did it start, and who were the coaches? 
    Answer:  Baseball, 1968/Benny Hampton and Vernon Felton
  42. What was the name of RCC’s basketball team in the early 1970s?
    Answer:  The Patriots
  43. The Automotive and Autobody programs are located in a facility which bears which NASCAR racing legend and Randolph County native’s name? 
    Answer:  Richard Petty
  44. What year did the first addition to the original building open? 
    Answer:  1968
  45. The College had an Archdale Extension facility prior to the opening of the Archdale Campus in 1990.  What year did the extension site open and where was it located?
    Answer:  1984, 213 Trindale Road in Archdale, NC
  46. Who was the speaker at the first formal graduation ceremony? 
    Answer:  Lacy Presnell, Jr., Randolph County Schools Superintendent, 1961-1969
  47. What three other counties did the College serve when it first opened?
    Answer:  Montgomery, Anson, and Stanly
  48. What was the College’s first satellite center and what years was it open? 
    Answer:  Knitter-Fixer Training School in Troy, NC, 1963
  49. Who holds the record for full-time years of service at the College?
    Answer:  Dr. Larry K. Linker (37 years, 1963-2000)
  50. When was RCC’s University Center established? Which colleges and university were the first to be a part of the University Center?
    Answer:  2008/Pfeiffer University, Salem College, and Greensboro College