Randolph Technical College: 1979-1987


The Randolph Technical College Foundation, a private nonprofit organization, was established to receive tax-exempt donations and channel them into areas which would benefit the college and, in turn, the community.


The Board of Trustees approved the armadillo as the official school mascot and the official school colors of silver and blue.

Fall 1984

RTC had its official open house of rented facilities to provide an extension office in Archdale. The center, located on Highway 62 between Highway 311 and Flint Hill Road, consisted of two classrooms for instructional purposes and an office.

Fall 1985

RTC received funding for a Small Business Center to serve Randolph County citizens. The center was located in the Asheboro/Randolph Chamber of Commerce building on Dixie Drive until January 1991, when it was moved onto the Asheboro Campus.

December 1987

The seven-year-old Foundation had an Endowed Scholarship Fund of $154,675, an Associate Degree Nursing Fund Endowment of $387,380, and a Matching Funds Endowment for Excellence valued at $321,037. Total assets exceeded $864,900.

December 1987

RTC was serving more that 1,700 students in the curriculum programs each year and another 7,700 in continuing education, adult education and industry training programs.

January 1988

The college's fourth name, Randolph Community College, was adopted.