Section VI - Employment Matters

VI B 14

Employee Conduct - Use of Randolph Community College E-mail, Internet, Voice Mail and other Electronic Media

To state the College's policy on use of electronic media

It is the goal of RCC to offer the tools and resources for our employees to perform their jobs in an efficient manner. To promote this type of environment, we provide information systems, computers, voice mail, Internet access and e-mail. These services are provided to assist and facilitate business communication and work related research.

Guidelines – The following guidelines have been established for using the internet and email in an appropriate, ethical, and professional manner.

  1. Email may not be used for transmission, receipt, or storage of a communication of a defamatory, discriminatory, or harassing nature or materials that are obscene. No messages with derogatory or inflammatory remarks about race, age, disability, religion, national origin, physical attributes or sexual preference shall be transmitted. Harassment of any kind is prohibited.
  2. Email is not guaranteed to be private or confidential. All electronic communications are property of RCC.
  3. Internal and external email messages are considered business records and may be subject to discovery in the event of legal actions. Please be aware of this when sending any email. Any employee who abuses the privilege of access to email or the internet may be subject to disciplinary action up to and including termination.


Adopted: 07/17/2008