Photographic Technology - Commercial Photography

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[A30280CP] Associate in Applied Science Degree

Commercial Photography is a concentration under the curriculum title of Photographic Technology. This curriculum provides in-depth study of professional commercial photography. Its segments, business practices, tools, techniques, and applications are explored via demonstrations, assignments, and on-the-job internships.

Course work includes in-depth study of advertising photography and product illustration; studio and location camera techniques and lighting; model, food, and architectural photography; layout specifications and art direction; corporate and stock photography; digital imaging applications; and current commercial business practices.

Graduates should be thoroughly prepared to successfully perform the duties required in entry-level positions within the commercial photography industry.

Click here for a list of Humanities/Fine Arts and Social/Behavioral Sciences courses approved for this program.


Upon successful completion of all Photographic Technology Concentrations, the student should be able to

  • Demonstrate the ability to control photographic exposure.
  • Execute photographic imaging processes.
  • Demonstrate proficiency in digital photography workflow.
  • Utilize lighting equipment.
  • Utilize design elements to produce photographs.