Student Loan Information

Federal Direct Loan Program

After serious consideration and evaluation of the Federal Direct Loan Program, Randolph Community College has elected to not participate in the loan program.

How to Complete the Private Student Loan Process at RCC

Step 1: Choose a loan lender. Randolph Community College does not recommend lenders, but we do offer the following comparison charts to help students locate and apply for private student loans. Please refer to Student Loan Information and Comparison Charts, for details.

Step 2: Complete the College Foundation of North Carolina (CFNC) online Financial Literacy course.  Upon completion, submit a copy of the certificate of completion to the Office of Financial Aid and Veterans Affairs.

Step 3: Complete the Private Education Loan Applicant Self- Certification form. The Loan Self- Certification is a form for the student to acquire information about their financial aid. The form allows the loan lender and the Financial Aid Office confirmation that the student understands their financial aid.

Step 4: Complete the application for the loan that you choose.

Step 5: Turn in the Financial Literacy Certificate & Private Education Loan Applicant Self-Certification Form to the Financial Aid Office. Unfortunately, we can no longer accept forms via email or fax. Please do not email sensitive information. Instead, mail or drop the forms off at the Financial Aid Office.

Step 6: The Financial Aid Office at Randolph Community College will contact the student once the school receives notification that the student has submitted a loan application for certification.

Please note that when completing the loan application that the Financial Aid office can only certify loans that are within one academic year. An academic year is considered the fall, spring and summer terms.

If you have questions regarding the process of completing a private student loan, please contact Renee Bishop, Financial Aid Associate at 336-633-0162 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..



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