Randolph Community College
Distance Education Assessment

Distance Learning provides students the ability to complete course work through online courses, interactive video conferencing and hybrid courses.

Are you Prepared for an Online Course?

Determine your readiness to succeed in an online course by answering yes or no to the following statements.

1. I am comfortable working with computers.
2. I have regular access to a computer that is connected to the Internet (preferably at home).
3. I have the necessary computer hardware/software to successfully participate in an online course. (Minimum Requirements: Windows XP or MacOS X; 1024 MB of RAM, 1 GB of free disk space; Microsoft Word, Adobe Reader; Mozilla Firefox, or Google Chrome; JavaScript and Cookies enabled; High speed internet (3+Mbps download speed); virus protection software.)
4. I know how to open and send e-mail messages with attachments.
5. I know how to use a Web browser, like Mozilla Firefox, or Google Chrome.
6. I am able to load, download, upgrade, and install software on my computer.
7. I am familiar with a word processing program, like Microsoft Word.
8. I can copy and paste text from one document to another.
9. I can save a file on my computer.
10. I can find and open a file on my computer.
11. I know how to create and how to use file folders on my computer.
12. I am a self-motivated and disciplined learner.
13. I have college-level reading skills.
14. I enjoy expressing my ideas in writing.
15. I prefer to learn independently and rarely need an instructor's guidance or assurances.
16. I can communicate effectively without face-to-face interaction with my classmates or my instructor.
17. I enjoy interacting with others online.
18. I recognize that the requirements for an Internet course are the same or possibly greater than the requirements for a traditional course.
19. I am willing to spend several hours at a time working with my computer.
20. I am willing to contact my instructor when I need help with an online course.
21. I understand that I may have to wait patiently for a response from my instructor to my e-mail messages. (The response time is generally 24 hours on weekdays.)
22. I can reserve several hours per week to work on a 16-week online course. For an 8-week online course, I can reserve even more hours per week.
23. I am confident in my ability to successfully complete an online course.