Frequently Asked Questions:

Randolph Community College offers a highly successful and innovative program to improve students’ academic skills. Through the Developmental Studies program, RCC offers students classroom and instruction in reading comprehension, math, writing, and science.


What are developmental classes?

Developmental classes offer students an opportunity to improve science, reading, writing and math skills prior to taking general education classes. All developmental classes begin with a zero: for example MAT 070.

Why do I have to take developmental classes?

Students who do not remove prerequisites through test scores (the ASSET or COMPASS tests or SAT or ACT scores) or prior credit must take the appropriate courses in science, math, reading or English. You can find out which classes you need to take by looking at your ASSET or COMPASS test sheet or by asking your advisor.

Why do I not receive course credit for these classes?

Grades earned in developmental classes are not included in the student’s grade point average, and credit hours earned do not count toward graduation. However, grades earned are included in the student's financial aid grade point average as well as other financial aid Satisfactory Academic Progress components.

How do I complete a developmental class?

In order to pass a developmental class a student must earn a grade of 80 or better and pass an exit test. Students will not be given the opportunity to take the exit test without first having a passing grade.

What is an exit test?

An exit test is a test given at the end of the semester. Your instructor will administer this test. Students will be allowed to take the test at most two times. These tests cover all the material discussed during the semester. Exit tests are timed. A student must pass an exit test in order to pass the class.

What is the grading policy for developmental classes?

Grading for developmental classes is different than grading for curriculum classes. That scale is as follows:

  • P* 80-100
  • R* below 80
All courses with the Developmental Studies courses have a two-fold pass requirement. A student 1) must have a passing grade at the end of the course AND 2) must pass the exit exam given at the end of the course. Students who meet both requirements complete the course with a passing grade and receive course credit. Students who do not complete both requirements must retake the course.

What happens if I want to drop a developmental class?

A student may drop a developmental class before the drop date following the procedure outlined in the student handbook. However, if a student has missed ten consecutive hours of class, then the instructor can drop the student by assigning the student an FW or faculty withdrawal. FW’s are used only for developmental classes. An FW is considered an F and can affect the student’s financial aid package. Students are encouraged to drop classes on their own: FW’s are given only as a last resort. After dropping a class or receiving an FW, students may then re-enroll for the same class at a later date.