Developmental Studies

Are you delaying your enrollment because you have been out of school for a while or you did not take the courses in high school to prepare yourself for college-level work? You might be interested to know that the majority of new RCC students enter the College in need of refreshers in math, English, science and reading, and RCC has a highly successful program to meet the needs of these students.

Through the Developmental Studies program, RCC offers students classroom instruction in reading comprehension, science, math and writing. After placement assessment, students who show need in one or more areas will be placed in the appropriate Developmental Studies courses (science, math, reading and/or English), which are prerequisites to General Education courses. Developmental Studies classes are offered day and evening to accommodate every student who needs them. Grades earned in Developmental Studies are not included in the student’s academic grade point average and credit hours earned do not count toward graduation. However, grades earned are included in the student's financial aid grade point average as well as other financial aid Satisfactory Academic Progress components.