Gainful Employment

Federal regulations published in October 2010 required institutions to report certain information about students who enrolled in Title IV eligible educational programs that lead to gainful employment in a recognized field. While all of the programs at Randolph Community College are designed to lead to either employment or college transfer, the Department of Education requires that we provide disclosure information on the specific programs listed below.

Click on the program name (link) below to see student information for that particular program. For privacy and statistical validity, no data are reported when the number of graduates were fewer than 10.

This information presents 2014-15 data.

Accounting Diploma (D25100)
Accounting Certificate (C25100)
Advertising & Graphic Design Certificate (C30100)
Automotive Systems Technology Diploma (D60160)
Automotive Systems Technology Certificate (C60160)
Automotive Systems Technology - Alternative Transportation Certificate (C60160A)
Automotive Systems Technology - Automotive Light-Duty Diesel Certificate (C60160D)
Basic Law Enforcement Training Certificate (C55120)
Business Administration Diploma (D25120)
Business Administration Certificate (C25120)
Business Administration Marketing Certificate (C25120M)
Collision Repair and Refinishing Technology Diploma (D60130)
Collision Repair and Refinishing Technology Certificate (C60130)
Computer Information Technology Certificate (C25260)
Computer-Integrated Machining Diploma (D50210)
Computer-Integrated Machining Certificate (C50210)
CIM - CNC Programming Turning & Milling Certificate (C50210TM)
CIM - CNC Operator Certificate (C50210OP)
Cosmetology Diploma (D55140)
Cosmetology Certificate (C55140)
Cosmetology Instructor Certificate (C55160)
Criminal Justice Technology Diploma (D55180)
Criminal Justice Technology Certificate (C55180)
Early Childhood Education Diploma (D55220)
Early Childhood Education Certificate & Infant/Toddler Care Certificate (C55220)
Electrical Systems Technology Diploma (D35130)
Electrical Systems Technology Certificate (C35130)
Electrical Systems Technology PLC Certificate (C35130A and C35130PC)
Electrical Systems Technology Wiring Certificate (C35130B and C35130WC)
Global Logistics Diploma (D25610)
Global Logistics Certificate (C25610)
Healthcare Management Technology Certificate (C25200)
Manicuring/Nail Technology Certificate (C55400)
Mechatronics Engineering Technology Diploma (D40350)
Mechatronics Engineering Technology Certificate (C40350)
Medical Office Administration Diploma (D25310)
Medical Office Administration Certificate (C25310)
Welding Technology Diploma (D50420)
Welding Technology Certificate (C50420)


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