AUC – Automotive Customizing

All courses are alphabetized by course code. All courses are to be pursued in a normal sequence with prerequisite courses taken as indicated. Provided for each course is the following information: course number and title; number of class, laboratory, clinical/shop/work experience (if any), and credit hours; and the semester in which the course is offered - FA (Fall), SP (Spring), and SU (Summer).

AUC-112 Auto Custom Fabrication (2 4 0 4)

This course covers workplace safety, hazardous material and environmental regulations, use of hand tools, service information resources, basic concepts, systems, and terms of automotive technology. Topics include familiarization with vehicle systems along with identification and proper use of various automotive hand and power tools. Upon completion, students should be able to describe safety and environmental procedures, terms associated with automobiles, identify and use basic tools and shop equipment. RCC prerequisites: Take AUB-121 and TRN-180. (SP). National ID (CIP) 47.0603 Autobody/Collision and Repair Technology/Technician.