ALT – Alternative Energy Technology

All courses are alphabetized by course code. All courses are to be pursued in a normal sequence with prerequisite courses taken as indicated. Provided for each course is the following information: course number and title; number of class, laboratory, clinical/shop/work experience (if any), and credit hours; and the semester in which the course is offered - FA (Fall), SP (Spring), and SU (Summer).

ALT-120 Renewable Energy Tech (2 2 0 3)

This course provides an introduction to multiple technologies that allow for the production and conservation of energy from renewable sources. Topics include hydroelectric, wind power, passive and active solar energy, tidal energy, appropriate building techniques, and energy conservation methods. Upon completion, students should be able to demonstrate an understanding of renewable energy production and its impact on humans and their environment. (FA). National ID (CIP) 14.9999 Engineering, Other.