Withdrawal/Drop/Add/Section Transfer

Before the Last Date to Drop/Add a Class

Students desiring to withdraw, drop or add a course, or transfer to a different section of the same course after initial registration may do so online or by contacting the student's faculty advisor. You can now add and drop courses online by logging into Web Advisor.

Merely ceasing to attend classes does not constitute official withdrawal, nor does notification to the instructors alone. Failure to submit the required form for official withdrawal to the Registrar’s Office or officially drop a class online will result in the student receiving a failing grade on their permanent record. Contact the Registrar’s Office if you have questions.

Curriculum students may withdraw from courses without grade penalty during the drop period. During this period, a “W” will be assigned indicating withdrawal. A student withdrawing after the published withdrawal date will be assigned a failing grade for the course unless granted an administration exception.

After the Last Date to Drop/Add a Class

Students wishing to change sections or add a class after the last published date to drop/add must have documented extenuating circumstances. The student must complete the Official Withdrawal form, attach documentation, and obtain signatures from the following individuals: all instructors involved, the student’s advisor, and the division chair of their program. In addition, if the student is receiving financial aid, including VA benefits, a financial aid officer and/or VA officer’s signature is required. Finally, the student will present the completed form to the director of enrollment management/registrar for final approval.

Administrative Exception:

Curriculum students may request an administrative exception from the director of enrollment management/registrar based on documented special or unique circumstances. Curriculum students requesting to be granted an administrative exception to withdraw from a class must complete the official withdrawal form and copies of documentation supporting the student’s request for special consideration must be attached. The form must contain all required signatures and be submitted to the director of enrollment management/registrar.