Reentry to a Curriculum

Students who wish to start a curriculum program of study over with a new grade point average (GPA) should make written request to their student success counselor one month prior to the semester they wish to enroll.

The request is reviewed by the student success counselor and the director of student success counseling or vice president for student services. If reentry is granted, then each course in the curriculum must be repeated, meeting all prerequisites. A student may repeat a curriculum with a new grade point average only once.

Previous grades are not actually removed from the student’s transcript, but are not calculated into the student’s new GPA at Randolph Community College. Colleges to which the student may transfer in the future may choose to recalculate GPA based on all grades received.

Federal financial aid and Veterans regulations will be adhered to with respect to this procedure. Students considering reentry to a curriculum program must contact the Office of Financial Aid and Veterans Affairs.