Attendance plays a critical role in student success in all classes. Satisfactory progress is difficult without regular attendance. Students are encouraged to contact the instructor, via email and/or phone regarding any anticipated absences to make arrangements for continued progress in the course. The instructor reserves the right to withdraw a student from this course for missing more than one calendar week of the semester. After missing two consecutive calendar weeks, the student will be withdrawn by the instructor. In cases where practical considerations, regulations, or accreditation requirements make it necessary, a program may establish more stringent attendance requirements.

Students must be in attendance and recorded as present at least one time on or before the census date of the class or be dropped from the class. Programs and individual instructors may not waive this requirement. Online attendance is defined as successful completion of the syllabus quiz.

It is the responsibility of the student to inform the instructor of circumstances, which may have caused him/her to be absent. The student is responsible for making arrangements with the instructor to complete any work missed and for completing the work in a timely manner. Instructors are encouraged to give consideration for absences caused by college-related activities and other extenuating circumstances. An instructor may forgive an absence if the student has a valid reason for the absence, has made arrangements with the instructor to complete the work missed, and completes such work in a timely manner. It may not be possible to makeup work missed in selected labs or clinics. Therefore, absences from certain labs or clinics may not be forgiven.

An incomplete grade (“I,” “IN,” or “AB”) is assigned at the discretion of the instructor for incomplete course work. In the course(s) for which an incomplete grade is assigned, hours will not be counted in quality point computation for that semester. An “I” must be completed the following semester, or it automatically becomes an “F.” The exception is for developmental courses, which automatically becomes an “R*.”

Military and Jury Duty Avsences

Military leave and jury duty absence(s) will be considered an excused absence when the instructor has received prior official notification. Responsibility for initiating such notification rests with the student: a student reporting for military drill or jury duty must provide the instructor with a letter from the commanding officer or the Clerk of Court prior to the absence(s). The student is responsible for making up all work missed in a timely manner.

Any student in the United States Armed Forces who has received temporary or permanent reassignment as a result of a military operations and any student who is a National Guard service member placed onto State active duty status during an academic term shall be given:

  1. The opportunity to make up any test or work missed during the excused absence.
  2. The option, when feasible, to continue classes and coursework during the academic term through online participation for the period of time the student is placed on active duty.
  3. The option a receiving a temporary grade of “Incomplete-Military” (IN) or “Absent Final Exam-Military (AB)” for any course that the student was unable to complete as a result of being placed on State active duty status; however, the student must complete the course requirements within a period of time specified by the college to avoid receiving a failing grade for the course.
  4. Permission to drop, with no penalty, any course that the student was unable to complete as a result of being placed on State active duty status.
  5. Permission to drop, with no financial penalty, any course that the student was unable to complete as a result of the excused absence as set forth in 1E SBCCC 900.4.

School Absences for Religious Observances

Randolph Community College recognizes that students’ religious affiliations vary and requirements regarding observances of special days may also vary. The College and the state of North Carolina (23 N.C.A.C. 02C .0213 “School Absences for Religious Observances”) allow students two excused days of absences each academic year for religious observances. Randolph Community College defines an academic year as beginning on the first day of classes for fall term and ending with the last day of classes for the following summer term. In order for a student to request an excused absence, they must request the absence by completing a “Religious Observance Request Form” and submitting it at least two (2) weeks prior to the observance to the Office of Admissions, Records and Registration located in the Student Services Center. Students will be required to make up any work, activities, or missed tests as a result of an excused absence for religious observance.

A faculty-initiated withdrawal in a credit bearing course will result in a grade of “WF” which will negatively impact the student’s GPA. A faculty-initiated withdrawal in a developmental course will result in a grade of “FW.” The student can complete a withdrawal form to have the “WF”/”FW” changed to a “W” if prior to the official withdrawal date for the course. A grade of “W” will not negatively impact the student’s GPA. The withdrawal form can be completed online and is available at the following web address:

Students receiving financial aid or veteran’s benefits should consult with the Office of Financial Aid and Veterans Affairs to understand the impact of the withdrawal.