Welding, Basic

RCC student welding($110.55)
This class is designed to teach basic Gas Metal Arc welding safety, fundamentals, and techniques. The Basic Welding class is a prerequisite to the Continuing Education MIG 1 class.

Asheboro, AE 200
72839 - 8A-2:30P, Sa, 11/14/20-12/12/20
74765 - 8A-2:30P, Sa, 1/16/21-2/6/21
74766 - 8A-2:30P, Sa, 2/13/21-3/6/21
74767 - 8A-2:30P, Sa, 3/13/21-4/10/21
74768 - 8A-2:30P, Sa, 4/17/21-5/8/21
Please call 336-328-1750 to register. 

Welding: MIG 1

This course introduces metal arc welding and flux core arc welding processes. Topics include equipment setup and fillet and groove welds with emphasis on application of GMAW and FCAW electrodes on carbon steel plate. Upon completion, students should be able to perform fillet welds on carbon steel with prescribed electrodes in the flat, horizontal, and overhead positions. This class prepares students to obtain an ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers) Welding Certificate (additional fee required).

Asheboro, AE 200
74764 - 5-10P, MW, 1/11/21-5/05/21
Please call 336-328-1750 to register.