Examples of Acrylic Pour Painting
Examples of Acrylic Pour Painting

Acrylic Pour Painting

Acrylic pour painting is the art of mixing two or more paint colors in the same container, pouring them onto a canvas or other surfaces desired to create a pattern, then using gravity to move the paint around creating interesting and sometimes surprising colors and results. Students will be provided with a supply list upon registration.

Asheboro / BTC 102
67362 – 6:30-8:30 M, 10/1/18-10/29/18

Oil, Acrylic, and Watercolor

Learn brush techniques, approaches to subjects, composition, layout, and other aspects of painting. Students must provide their own supplies. Some classes may emphasize one medium over another.

65333 - 9-11:30A, T, 9/11/18-11/13/18
65334 - 12:30-3P, T, 9/11/18-11/13/18
67288 - 9-11:30A, T, 3/5/19-5/7/19
67289 - 12:30-3P, T, 3/5/19-5/7/19

Painting the Landscape in Oils and Acrylic - Plein Air with Henry Bowers

high noon on the new WEB($70.55)
Plein Air is a French term meaning outside, or in this case, painting outside. Students will be introduced to oil and acrylic painting in the great outdoors. Beginning and intermediate students will get the opportunity to try out painting methods while learning design, drawing, and color theory. Classes will be held on location at Lake Lucas. Students will need to furnish their own supplies.

About the instructor: Professional artist and local historian Henry Bowers has been painting for his entire adult life. He has studied with several nationally recognized painters including Ellena Basa and John Seerey-Lester. Bowers’ goal has been to save the ever-changing historical North Carolina landscape for future generations through his paintings. Bowers was recognized as the 2013 North Carolina Historian of the Year for his efforts in historical preservation. This landscape (upper right), titled "High Noon on the New," is by Bowers.

Asheboro Lake Lucas (Asheboro Campus/AEC 122 on rainy days)
67312 - 6-8P, TTh, 9/25/18-10/25/18

To register for these classes, call 336-633-0268.

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