Pottery I: Basics for Beginners

This course is designed to provide the student with a well-rounded understanding of the pottery-making process from start to finish. Upon completion of the program, the student will possess a skill set necessary to work successfully in clay. Topics covered will include using the wheel, forming, firing, and applying glaze.

No classes scheduled at this time.

Advanced Pottery

This course is designed for individuals who have completed Pottery for Beginners or already have a basic understanding and experience in pottery. The course provides students with knowledge and skills required to start their own businesses as potters or to work for a pottery business. Students will work on designing bowls, vases, and lidded jars. Students will become more familiar with using the kiln and finishing techniques. Students will also develop and explore their own personal design aesthetics.

Asheboro, Pottery Center
76350 – 1-4:30P, MW, 5/17-8/11
76351– 1-4:30P, MW, 8/23-12/8/21

Pottery Studio Lab

This course is designed for individuals who have completed Pottery I and/or Advanced Pottery, or are currently taking a Pottery Class. This class will provide students with hands-on instruction that will support and continue to build their skills as potters. Demonstrations will be given to discuss new techniques and to enhance skill building. Special focus will be placed creative expression, design methods, as well as Raku and Gas-Fired Pottery.

Asheboro, Pottery Center
76080 - 5:30-9P, MW, 5/17-8/11/21
76081 - 5:30-9P, MW, 8/23-12/8/21

Please call 336-633-0268 to register.