Workforce Development

Our programs, services, and courses are designed for all working shifts – seven days a week, and they can be delivered on your site or at one of our convenient campus locations.

You decide what you need and leave the work to us. Your program will then be delivered to your employees. A training needs assessment can be used to determine and meet your organization’s needs. This assessment is offered at no cost to your organization.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if I want a course that is not listed in your marketing materials and/or on your website?

We will do our best to either develop or locate a program to meet your training needs. We have contacts and information available to us throughout the country.

How much will a course cost me?

The cost per course participant is based on the number of contact hours the program will meet. There are times when specialized instruction adds to our cost of instruction. Most occupational courses are based on a fee structure that runs from $70-$180 per participant plus applicable fees such as technology, materials and supplies, and textbooks.