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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know what training I need or is available?

    We will visit your site, discuss issues pertinent to your success, tour your facilities, and assist you in a training needs assessment. We then work with you to deliver training in the most suitable and cost effective manner to achieve your intended objectives.

What happens if I need a specialized course that I do not find listed in your marketing materials?

    We will do our best to either modify or develop new and/or existing training curriculum, or locate outside resources or programs to meet your training needs. We have contacts, resources, and information available to us throughout the region, state, and country.

How much does the training cost?

    There are generally two cost effective means of delivering the training. One is through a project as noted above that we will develop with you. A project can cover most if not all training related costs: registration, instructional, materials, etc. The other is through the discretionary budget we have at RCC. If we are not able to deliver by these means then we can deliver training through RCC taking advantage of the all the cost competitiveness of the community college system. In either instance, a cost to the customer is minimal.

How do I find out more about the program?

    For more information you can call the Continuing Education Office located on the Asheboro Campus at 336-633-0217 or the Archdale Center at 336-862-7980.



Customized Training Staff

Robert T. Durand

Director of Customized Training

Phone: 336-633-0260
Fax: 336-318-0516