The ABC’S of Active Survival

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The main goal of your plan is to SURVIVE.
DO something to increase your chance of survival.
DON’T just sit and wait. PREPARE for action.

Avoid – Avoid the situation at all cost. If you are not in a safe place, get to one as quickly as possible. If you are in a safe place, stay there and prepare for the “what if” situation.

  • Create distance from the situation if possible
  • Get behind a locked door
  • Utilize cover or concealment

Barricade – Barricade yourself if you are in a safe location and create Time Barriers (anything that would make your position less likely or harder to access).

  • Lock the door and turn out the lights
  • Barricade the door; wedge under the door; place furniture behind the door
  • Position yourself out of sight and have a secondary exit if possible

Counter – Counter the assailant by any means possible as the last resort.

  • Work together to create chaos by throwing things and screaming
  • Use anything as a weapon of opportunity
  • Be a moving target and don’t stand still
  • Grab the gun and hold on to it. Fight for the weapon.

‘Survive – Act quickly. You can potentially save a life if you stop blood loss.

  • Apply direct pressure to the wound then bandage with anything available
  • Apply a tourniquet – high on the limb as possible and very tight
  • Pack the wound with available material
  • Get help as quick as possible – notify 911 of the situation and location