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Small Business Center Classes




Achieving Sales-A Marketing Plan for Current or Future Business Owners

(no charge)
This course focuses on the marketing plan and the importance of market analysis in projecting sales. Market research information for a sample business demonstrates the connection between a marketing plan and a cash flow statement. Participants identify market segments and use market segmentation to project sales.
Archdale Center
47250 - 6-9P, M, 10/13
47264 - 6-9P, M, 10/27
47223 - 6-9P, T, 9/2
Randleman Center
47192 - 6-9P, Th, 7/31
47213 - 6-9P, M, 8/18
47230 - 6-9P, M, 9/15
47240 - 6-9P, M, 9/29
47279 - 6-9P, M, 11/10
47289 - 6-9P, M, 12/1
47305 - 6-9P, M, 12/15

Bookkeeping Basics for Current or Future Business Owners

(no charge)
Learn the connection between cash flow projections and the bookkeeping system created for a business, to post checks written to the monthly cash disbursement journal, to post receipts to the monthly cash receipts journal, and how good bookkeeping practices give a clear snapshot of a business' health.
47194 - 6-9P, M, 8/4
47214 - 6-9P, M, 8/18
47225 - 6-9P, M, 9/8
47259 - 6-9P, T, 9/23
47260 - 6-9P, M, 10/6
47261 - 6-9P, W, 10/22
47272 - 6-9P, M, 11/3
47283 - 6-9P, M, 11/17
47296 - 6-9P, M, 12/8

Creative Marketing For Artists And Crafters

(no charge)
Come and find out why marketing your work is as exciting and creative as the process of marking art! Learn the top 10 marketing methods of over 25 artists—painters, sculptors, folk artists, jewelry makers, musical instrument makers, theatre artists, writers, crafters, etc.—who make their livings from their art. You'll come away with palette of bold, bright ideas and a plan to implement them. Stop suffering from starving artist syndrome and instead become a marketing maven in this fun, invigorating seminar!
47227 - 6-9P, Th, 9/11
Archdale Center
47207 - 6-9P, W, 8/13
47239 - 6-9P, W, 9/24
47267 - 6-9P, W, 10/29
47309 - 6-9P, T, 12/16
Ramseur Town Hall
47291 - 6-9P, T, 12/2

Financing Your Small Business, a Guide for Current or Future Business Owners

(no charge)
Whether you are starting a new business or expanding a successful existing business, it is essential to know the financial sources that are available to you. Evaluate sources of business financing to determine which would best serve your needs. Prepare for the process of securing business financing and identify the lender's considerations in granting credit. Discuss federal and state loan guarantee programs. Prepare yourself to work with an SBDC counselor
to finalize your business plan and loan application. An introductory seminar for current or future business owners.
Randleman Center
47178 - 6-9P, Th, 7/10
47189 - 6-9P, Th, 7/24
47198 - 6-9P, M, 8/11
47218 - 6-9P, M, 8/25
47226 - 6-9P, M, 9/8
47237 - 6-9P, M, 9/22
47273 - 6-9P, M, 11/3
47284 - 6-9P, M, 11/17
47297 - 6-9P, M, 12/8
Archdale Center
47245 - 6-9P, M, 10/6
47253 - 6-9P, W, 10/15

Forming a Nonprofit

(no charge)
Churches and community organizations can benefit by being a nonprofit. They can be tax-exempt from federal, state and local taxes. They can offer tax breaks to donors and apply for grants.
Ramseur Town Hall
47224 - 6-9P, Th, 9/4
47242 - 6-9P, Th, 10/2
47278 - 6-9P, Th, 11/6
Archdale Center
47190 - 6-9P, M 7/28
47216 - 6-9P, W, 8/20
47286 - 6-9P, T, 11/18

How To Increase Your Credit Score to Over 740 Points; How Current or Future Business Owners Can Prepare for a Bank Loan

(no charge)
An excellent credit score is now considered to be over 740 or higher. Should you have one credit card even though you have not used it in years? The answers to these questions may surprise you when it comes to increasing your credit score. Now more than ever, having good credit is important in being able to obtain a loan for your business or to obtain a personal loan. Your credit score is also important in determining the interest rate of your loans, your insurance premimums and deposits required for phone and utility services. As of October 1, 2005 every adult in North Carolina has been able to receive a free credit report from each of the three credit reporting bureaus. Do you understand how to read them? In this three-hour seminar, we will discuss the history of credit scoring, how to read a credit report and what factors are used to raise your score simply by the way you use your cards, treat inquiries, make your payments and carry balances.
Seagrove Library
47232 - 6-9P, T, 9/16
47281 - 6-9P, W, 11/12

Increasing Sales for Festival Vendors

(no charge)
Festivals typically do not do much to promote arts and craft vendors. The work is up to the
vendor. Find out how to get your message out to the public before the festival date.
Archdale Center
47221 - 6-9P, W, 8/27
47233 - 6-9P, Th, 9/18
Seagrove Library
47248 - 6-9P, W, 10/8
47298 - 6-9P, T, 12/9
47282 - 6-9P, Th, 11/13

Primary Tools of Social Media Marketing for Small Business Owners

(no charge)
Increasing core competency in the use of major Social Media platforms and online directories, this class presents the fundamentals of Facebook, Google Plus, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google Maps and other online directories. Proper use of directories, which are vital for mobile marketing, will be covered in-depth: how to claim your free listings, how to correct any existing errors in directories, and how to enhance your presence with text and photos at no cost. This overview will help you target areas of concentration for implementing successful social media marketing efforts.
Archdale Center
47229 - 1-4P, Sa, 9/13
47276 - 6-9P, W, 11/5

Quickbooks: an Introduction for Current or Future Business Owners

(no charge)
Learn the fastest, easiest way to manage your business! This course provides small business owners with an introduction to one of the most popular small business accounting applications that tracks general ledger, accounts receivable, accounts payable, payroll, and checking accounts and provides easy-to-use reporting features.
47191 - 6-9P, T 7/29
47199 - 6-9P, M, 8/11
47219 - 6-9P, M, 8/25
47231 - 6-9P, M, 9/15
47238 - 6-9P, T, 9/23
47241 - 6-9P, M, 9/29
47244 - 6-9P, M, 10/6
47251 - 6-9P, M, 10/13
47265 - 6-9P, M, 10/27
47280 - 6-9P, M, 11/10
47290 - 6-9P, M, 12/1
47306 - 6-9P, M, 12/15

Real: Feasibility

(no charge)
Attendees can take one or all seminars with “REAL” in the title. Information covered: A. Finding a Fit 1. Business Ideas B. Market Feasibility 1. Target Market C. Financial Feasibility 1. Breakeven Analysis
47200 - 6-9P, T, 8/12
47252 - 6-9P, T, 10/14

REAL: Financials 1

(no charge)
Attendees can take one or all seminars with “REAL” in the title. Information covered : A. Introduction 1. Cash Flow Statement.
47217 - 6-9P, Th, 8/21
47263 - 6-9P, Th, 10/23

REAL: Financials 2

(no charge)
Attendees can take one or all seminars with “REAL” in the title. Information covered : A. Exploration of REAL templates OR Culminating Cash Flow 1. Cash Flow 2.
47220 - 6-9P, T, 8/26
47266 - 6-9P, T, 10/28

Real: Marketing

(no charge)
Attendees can take one or all seminars with “REAL” in the title. Information covered: A. Introduction 1. 5 P's of Marketing B. Culminating Marketing Activity
47195 - 6-9P, T, 8/5
47197 - 6-9P, Th, 8/7
47257 - 6-9P, Th, 10/16

REAL: Operations

(no charge)
Attendees can take one or all seminars with “REAL” in the title. Information covered : A. Introduction 1. Operating Procedures 2. Location and Layout.
47215 - 6-9P, T, 8/19
47262 - 6-9P, W, 10/22

Real: Self Assessment & Introduction to Business Planning

(no charge)
Attendees can take one or all seminars with “REAL” in the title. Information covered: A. Self Assessment 1. Characteristics of an Entrepreneur B. Introduction to Business Planning 1. Business Planning
47197 - 6-9P, Th, 8/7
47249 - 6-9P, Th, 10/9

REAL: The Business Plan

(no charge)
Attendees can take one or all seminars with “REAL” in the title. Information covered : A. Elevator Pitch B. Presentation and Feedback.
47222 - 6-9P, Th, 8/28
47269 - 6-9P, Th, 10/30

Real: The Real Course & Entrepreneurship

(no charge)
Attendees can take one or all seminars with “REAL” in the title. Information covered: Course Outline, Materials, and Grading, Learning Philosophy and Methods, Goals and Expectations, Characteristics of an Entrepreneur
47209 - 6-9P, T, 8/5
47247 - 6-9P, T, 10/7

Results Driven Social Media Marketing

(no charge)
This class introduces the fundamentals of core competency in the set up of major Social Media platforms and how they are to be correctly used. You will determine what is appropriate for your business, which platforms to use first, in the future, and which not to use for your business. Areas of focus include set up of accounts; populating base accounts; establishing a content distribution system, including photos, graphics and video; and maximizing keywords and online
Archdale Center
47228 - 9A-12P, Sa, 9/13
47274 - 6-9P, T, 11/4

Secondary Tools of Social Media Marketing

(no charge)
Build additional core competency in the application of some of the most popular platforms and tools which augment and support small business Social Media programs, including Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, WordPress, SurveyMonkey, MailChimp, and Etsy. You will learn the basics of photo sharing, blogs, email marketing, online surveys and shopping cart programs. The benefit of applying these secondary tools is generating a stronger Web presence that enhances your business brand.
Archdale Center
45903 - 9A-12P, Sa, 5/17
47234 - 9A-12P, Sa, 9/20
47287 - 6-9P, W, 11/19

Starting and Operating a Home-Based Business

(no charge)
Is this the year for you to start your own business? Can you make a living by operating a new home-based business? What if the market has other businesses just like yours? How many employees will you need and where will you find them? How can you prevent the competition from hiring your employees? What should you do if the competition is selling at cost? How can you protect your business from the up and down market? Tim believes proper marketing will cause your business to succeed (and even thrive) in a competitive market. Speaker: Tim Dannelly.
47293 - 6-9P, T, 12/2

10 Steps To Starting A Small Business

(no charge)
Starting your own business may seem difficult, but it's not so hard if you take it step by step. This workshop teaches you the steps you need to take to make your dream become a reality and covers what you must know before you commit yourself and your money.
Ramseur Town Hall
47275 - 6-9P, W, 11/5
47299 - 6-9P, Th, 12/11

The Sales Workshop - A Guide for Current or Future Business Owners

(no charge)
This talk is geared toward helping new entrepreneurs and established business owners get out in the real world and make money. If you feel stuck in a rut of using the same old ways, to sell to the same old customers, this is the workshop for you. Branch out! Explore new ways of meeting new clients, and grow your business more than you had ever hoped.
47295 - 6-9P, Th- 12/4

Tracking Social Media Marketing Results & Return on Investment for Business Owners

(no charge)
Advance your core competency skills by understanding how to analyze and evaluate your Social Media results. You will learn how to monitor analytics and insights for adjustments, and how to evaluate and adjust for optimum conversion. Engagement with content and secondary validation—vital components for measuring ROI—are highlighted. You will come away with a plan for ongoing reputation monitoring and, if needed, knowledge to counteract online negativity with a positive Web presence.
Archdale Center
47236 - 1-4P, Sa, 9/20
47288 - 6-9P, Th, 11/20

Small Business Classes Offered Online

Marketing Your Business on the Internet
Start a Pet Sitting Business
Start & Operate Your Own Home-Based Business
Start Your Own Gift Basket Business
Start Your Own Small Business

All courses begin monthly on the following dates:
Aug. 20
Sept. 17
Oct. 15
Nov. 12
Dec. 10

All Ed2Go courses $70 unless otherwise noted.

To learn more about these online courses, visit the Online Instruction Center at