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Manufacturing Welding Fundamentals

($180 + $50 + $.55)
This program is designed to teach basic fundamentals of welding that will qualify students for entry-level employment in welding jobs. The course will begin with an introduction to welding safety, fundamentals and techniques. Students will be introduced to Arc Welding, MIG Welding, TIG Welding, and Oxy-Acetylene Welding and Torch Cutting. The primary emphasis in the class will be hands-on training allowing the student to develop basic skills in the use and application of stick and MIG welding techniques in various welding applications. Students will be evaluated on basic welding knowledge and skill development at the conclusion of the training.
47685 - 8A-4:30P, Sa, 9/6-12/6

Welding, Basic

($70 + $40 + $.55)
Learn the basic principles, concepts, and procedures of welding using SMAW welding and oxyacetylene welding equipment. Students also will be introduced to MIG welding and plasma cutting. Students will learn how to use welding equipment and accessories safely through hands-on practice. Upon completion, the student will be able to perform flat and horizontal welding tasks along with oxy fuel and plasma cutting.
47770 - 8A-4:30P, Sa, 9/20-10/4
47771- 8A-4:30P, Sa, 11/8-11/22

Welding I

($180 + $60 + $.55)
47768 - 8A-12P, MW, 8-10A, F, 9/8-5/15
47781 - 6-10P, MW, 6-8P, F, 9/8-5/15

Welding II

($180 + $60 + $.55)
47769 - 8A-1P, TTh, 9/9-5/28