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Maintenance Machanics




Facilities Maintenance

($180 + $.55)

This course covers basic facilities maintenance fundamentals to prepare students for careers in the field focusing specifically on HVAC, Electrical, and Maintenance Mechanics. Mechanical topics include equipment inspection, lubrication, alignment, and scheduled maintenance procedures; students should be able to demonstrate knowledge of accepted maintenance procedures and practices according to current industry standards. Students should also be able to analyze, maintain, and troubleshoot the components of mechanical systems. HVAC emphasis will be placed on preventive maintenance procedures for heating and cooling equipment and related components. Course time will also be spent on introducing HVAC control systems used in commercial applications. Topics include electric/electronic control systems, pneumatic control systems, DDC temperature sensors, humidity sensors, pressure sensors, wiring, controllers, actuators, and controlled devices. Students will also gain basic electrical skills that include the care/usage of tools and materials used in residential electrical installations and the requirements of the National Electrical Code. Topics include NEC, electrical safety, and electrical print reading; planning, layout; and installation of electrical distribution equipment, lighting, overcurrent protection, conductors, branch circuits; and conduits. Upon completion, students should be able to properly install conduits, wiring, and electrical distribution equipment associated with electrical installation. Students will obtain the EPA/CFC certification as part of this course.
47844 - 6-9P, TWTh, 8/19-12/11