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Notary Public




Notary Public Education

($70 + apx. $28.25 text)
This class is required for individuals interested in obtaining a North Carolina commission as a notary public. The purpose of a notary is to prevent fraud and forgery. Learn what you may and may not do as a notary public. Students must be 18 years of age or legally emancipated; speak, read, and write English; possess a high school diploma or equivalent; and live or work in the state. A textbook is required and will be available for purchase at the first class.

Asheboro, CEIC
44327 - 9A-5P, Sa, 5/3
45720 - 9A-5P, Sa, 6/7-6/7
45721 - 9A-5P, Sa, 7/12-7/12
45722 - 9A-5P, Sa, 8/9-8/9

44102 - 6-9:30P, MW, 4/7-4/9
44105 - 6-9:30P, MW, 5/5-5/7
45712 - 6-9:30P, MW, 6/9-6/11
45713 - 6-9:30P, MW, 7/14-7/16