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Bookkeeping/Payroll Accounting




Quickbooks, Introduction

Learn how to do the accounting for your business yourself using this popular accounting software. Use special journals and subsidiary ledgers, and generate professional financial statements.
Asheboro, CEIC
47527 - 6-9P, M, 9/29-11/17

Business & Industry Classes Offered Online

Accounting Fundamentals
Accounting Fundamentals II
A-Z Grant Writing
Achieving Success with Difficult People
Administrative Assistant Fundamentals
Administrative Assistant Applications
Advanced Grant Proposal Writing
Building Teams That Work
Business Analysis, Introduction
Business Finance for the Non-Finance Personnel
Effective Business Writing
Explore a Career as a Paralegal
Grammar Refresher
High Speed Project Management
Individual Excellence
Interior Design, Introduction
Interpersonal Communications
Keys to Effective Communication
Marketing Your Non-Profit
Mastering Public Speaking
Mastery of Business Fundamentals
Math Refresher
Non-Profit Management, Introduction
PMP A® Certification Prep I ($100)
PMP A® Certification Prep II ($100)
Project Management Fundamentals
Project Management Applications
Resume Writing
Skills for Making Great Decisions
Six Sigma: Total Quality Applications
Supervision & Management
Supervision & Management II
Total Quality Fundamentals
Writing Effective Grant Proposals

All courses begin monthly on the following dates:
Aug. 20
Sept. 17
Oct. 15
Nov. 12
Dec. 10

All courses $70 unless otherwise noted.


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