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A Vision for Success: RCC Student Pursues MBA

By Clark Adams, RCC English/Communication instructor

ASHEBORO (October 4, 2013)

Shannon Satterfield on the RCC campus recently
University Center of Randolph County alumnus Shannon Satterfield during a recent visit to RCC.

Although he was born with achromatopsia (a rare hereditary vision disorder that affects one person in 33,000 in the United States), at age 41, Asheboro-native Shannon Satterfield has never lost sight of his dream of obtaining a master’s degree in Business Administration. In fact, that dream drew closer to reality when he graduated from Salem College in May 2013 with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration through the University Center of Randolph County and enrolled in Liberty University’s MBA program this past August. However, Satterfield will be the first to admit that the path has not always been so clear. 
As a middle school and high school student, Satterfield had visions of majoring in music in college and becoming a professional pianist. However, his academics were not a priority at that stage of his life. He attended Fayetteville Street Christian School from kindergarten to the eighth grade and then attended Southwestern Randolph High School, where he graduated in 1992. He describes his grades in high school as mediocre at best. Upon graduation, Satterfield enrolled at Randolph Community College, taking college transfer courses in the University of North Carolina at Greensboro’s Extension program and planned to transfer and enroll in the School of Music at UNCG. “When I enrolled at RCC in 1992, my grades were not important to me. My studies were not a priority and other things were important,” Satterfield recently recalled. In fact, he did not complete the program. As he puts it, “Life happened.”
Satterfield got into the used car business, got married in 2001, and began raising a family of four boys. In 2008, he returned to RCC with a new vision. “I came back. I knew this was my last shot, and it was my chance to do something I should have done when I was younger,” said Satterfield. His second experience at RCC was, in his words, “Awesome! It was a great experience and every instructor that I had was so helpful. Mr. (Matthew) Price, Mr. (Todd) Thompson, and Mr. (Clark) Adams were a huge help to me.” He also cites Christine Myers, former math instructor and SACS liaison at RCC, for tutoring him in Calculus for one hour each day, “out of the goodness of her heart.”           
In the fall of 2011, Satterfield enrolled in the Salem College BSBA program that can be completed on RCC’s Asheboro Campus as part of the University Center of Randolph County.  Satterfield credits Ed Hartgrove, one of the former professors in the Salem College program, for helping him to transition into the bachelor’s level program. “He was great and helpful, and truly cared about the students. In fact, every professor I had was a great experience. The professors in the Salem College program care about students, and students will not often get that same sense of genuine interest and concern at large universities,” according to Satterfield. “Everyone at Salem College is helpful from the staff in the business office, to the financial aid office, to the registrar’s office.”
Satterfield encourages more students in Randolph County to take advantage of the opportunity. “It was a great program and because of the smaller class sizes, we were all like a family. Everyone knew each other and helped each other. There was more one-on-one instruction from the professors, which is hard to find at a larger university. It was a lot of work, but the professors were willing to help,” he said. 
Satterfield’s dedication to his studies this time around certainly paid off. He graduated Magna Cum Laude in May 2013 from Salem College and was inducted into Alpha Sigma Lambda, an adult student honor society, and also Sigma Beta Delta, an honor society for business students. He is now pursuing his MBA online through Liberty University and feels that the program will provide more opportunities and advantages. His ultimate goal is to get a job in his field, such as a marketing position that will allow him to utilize his people skills, and perhaps even teach business courses part-time so that he can help other students. “The Salem College classes prepared me for success in grad school,” said Satterfield. “There is so much writing involved and it has been an adjustment, but I feel like I have a strong foundation.” 
At this point in his life, Satterfield feels that he has come full circle in his academic journey and that Randolph Community College and Salem College have both played a huge role in that journey.  “The program offered by Salem College on RCC’s Asheboro Campus worked out so well and it was such a smooth transition,” remarked Satterfield. His vision for his future has never been more clear.          

Information sessions on the Salem College Bachelor of Science in Business Administration program at RCC will be held on Thursday, Oct. 17 from 12-1 p.m. and 6-7 p.m. in the RCC Foundation Conference Center. To reserve a seat at one of the sessions, contact Clark Adams at (336) 633-0238 or and for more information, visit .