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University Bound

College Readiness Test Benchmark

In the Core 44 College Transfer Pathway, a student can earn up to 44 credits toward an associate degree. This means when you graduate high school, you can continue at Randolph Community College or transfer to a four-year college or university with college course credit.

   • Shave up to a year off college
   • Save up to a year in tuition cost
   • Credits can transfer to any public or private college* or university in the state of N.C.

*Duke, Davidson, and Wake Forest may not accept all credits.

The Core 44 College Transfer Pathways are

   • Humanities and Social Science
   • Engineering and Math
   • Business and Economics
   • Life and Health Sciences

For Additional Information, please contact

Joyce Reeder, Coordinator of Cooperative Programs
Randolph Community College
629 Industrial Park Ave.
Asheboro, NC 27205
336-625-6085 or
FAX – 336-629-4695