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Basic Spanish for Beginners

This course is designed to provide students with basic and beginner Spanish language skills. Students will learn how to read and write basic Spanish. Course topics will include learning the Spanish alphabet, numbers, introductions, and basic conversational phrases.
Goodwill ($125 or waived)
47536 - 9A-12P, MW, 8/18-10/13
Asheboro/CEIC ($70)
47526 - 6-9P, W, 10/22-12/10


Language Classes Offered Online

Speed Spanish I
Speed Spanish II
Speed Spanish III

All courses begin monthly on the following dates:
Aug. 20
Sept. 17
Oct. 15
Nov. 12
Dec. 10

All courses $70 unless otherwise noted.

To learn more about these online courses, visit the Online Instruction Center at