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Choosing Your Computer Course

If you are interested in an introductory computer class, check out the computer courses listed in the Career Readiness section

Not only are those the introductory computer courses, but some students may qualify for tuition-free classes based on family income.

Computer Use & Applications

Can you turn on a PC? Do you know how to save a file? Do you know how to use your mouse and keyboard? Can you create folders? Do you know the difference between hardware and software? If you answered NO to these questions, then the HRD Basic Computer Skills is the class for you.

If you would like to learn more about file management, web browsing, e-mail and basic application software such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Access, then browse the classes listed below.

Special Note: RCC can customize computer courses for businesses or special groups based on convenience, content, time, or location. Call 633-0268 for more details. Courses can be structured to include certification testing or non-certifications.



Advanced Computer Skills

($125 or waived)
This course is designed to support students that may have a familiarity with the computer, but want to take their computer literacy to the next level. Students will continue to utilize familiar software (word processing, spreadsheet, and presentation), and will begin to learn the capabilities of social media (Facebook and LinkedIn) to assist them in their job searches. Using the Internet for online job searching and submitting applications will also be explored.
47539 - 9A-12P, MW, 10/20-12/10
47550 - 6-9P, MW, 10/20-12/10
Randleman Center
47556 - 6-9P, TTh, 10/14-12/9
Asheboro (CEIC)
47562 - 2:30-5:30P, TTh, 10/14-12/9

Basic Computer Skills

($125 or waived)
This course is designed to fully introduce the computer to learners for the first time. Students will focus on all functions of the computer, including using the internet, software, and other functions to enhance their personal and professional lives. Other topics covered include creating resumes, cover letters, setting up and using email accounts, and other items needed in today's workplace.
47537 - 9A-12P, MW, 8/18-10/13
47548 - 6-9P, MW, 8/18-10/13
Randleman Center
47552 - 6-9P, TTh, 8/19-10/9
Asheboro (CEIC)
47559 - 2:30-5:30P, TTh, 8/19-10/9

Quickbooks, Introduction

Learn how to do the accounting for your business yourself using this popular accounting software. Use special journals and subsidiary ledgers, and generate professional financial statements.
47527 - 6-9P, M, 9/29-11/17

Webpage Design with WordPress

This class provides hands-on instruction to create a working website that's easy to maintain. Students use a free WordPress account and learn to use the WordPress Dashboard at home, work or school. There's NO software to buy OR install and no knowledge of HTML code is required. WordPress would be a great choice for churches or nonprofits and can be shared with co-workers or staff. Students will learn to set-up and maintain a website, add content, blogs, pictures, videos and social media links. The course also covers how to buy a website name, choose a hosting company, add e-commerce and get search engines like Google to find a website.
47766 - 10A-1P, TTh, 8/19-10/7

Windows 8 & Microsoft Office 2013

Designed to familiarize computer users with the new Windows 8 operating system and Microsoft Office 2013 software; this course will focus on navigating regular computer use in Windows 8, and using the Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint functions withing the 2013 Microsoft Office Suite.
47523 - 6-9P, Th, 9/9-10/2

Windows 8 & Microsoft Office 2014

47522 - 6-9P, MW, 10/6-10/29


Computer Classes Offered Online

Comp TIA A+, Basic ($100)
Comp TIA A+, Intermediate ($100)
Comp TIA A+, Advanced ($100)
Computer Skills for the Workplace
Creating Mobile Apps with HTML5
Creating Web Pages
Creating WordPress
CSS & XHTML, Intermediate
Designing Effective Websites
Dreamweaver CS6, Introduction
Flash CS6
Illustrator CS6
Google Analytics
InDesign CS6, Introduction
Introduction to Networking
Java Programming
Java Programming, Intermediate
Javascript, Introduction
Microsoft Access, Introduction
Microsoft Access, Intermediate
Microsoft Excel, Introduction
Microsoft Excel, Intermediate
Microsoft Excel, Advanced
Microsoft Expression Web, Introduction
Microsoft Outlook
Microsoft PowerPoint, Introduction
Microsoft Project, Introduction
Microsoft Publisher
Microsoft Word, Introduction
Microsoft Word, Intermediate
PC Troubleshooting
Performing Payroll in QuickBooks
PHP & MySQL, Intermediate
QuickBooks, Introduction 
QuickBooks, Intermediate
QuickBooks for the Contractor
Visual Basic, Introduction
Web Design, Advanced
Windows 8, Introduction
Wireless Networking
Write Effective Web Content

All courses begin monthly on the following dates:
Aug. 20
Sept. 17
Oct. 15
Nov. 12
Dec. 10

All courses $70 unless otherwise noted.

To learn more about these online courses, visit the Online Instruction Center at