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Sewing & Stitchery



Stitchery Secrets

($35 - Supplies will be discussed at the first class.)
This course is for students who wish to learn one or all of a variety of stitchery techniques listed below.
• Crewel Embroidery - Learn the art of transferring patterns and filling in with different stitches.
• Crochet - Learn basic techniques of crochet including terms, abbreviations, stitches, and correct supplies.
• Knitting - Learn two main stitches (knit and purl), pattern basics, yarn and needle selection, and gauge.
• Lap Quilting (Hand Quilting) - Learn to piece and quilt without using a machine.
• Swedish Weaving on Monk Cloth - Learn how to use four-ply yarn to form a pattern on monk cloth.
45934 - 9:30A-12P, F, 8/8-10/10