Articulated Credit

The North Carolina Department of Public Instruction and the North Carolina Community College System have a statewide articulation agreement in which students may be eligible to receive college credit after completion of identified Career-Technical Education (CTE) courses in high school. This creates a systematic and seamless process in which students can move from high school to community college without having to duplicate efforts or repeat courses.

Criteria used to award college credit for identified CTE courses include
• Final grade of B or higher in the course
• A 93 scaled score on the standardized CTE post-assessment test.
• Students must enroll at the community college within two years of their high school graduation date to receive Articulated Credit.

The student’s official high school transcript must include the CTE post-assessment scores. The student must inform the RCC registrar that he/she wishes to received Articulated Credit. Students are encouraged to consult their career development coordinator to verify courses that are included in the Articulated Credit agreement.

Career & College Promise Staff

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Educational Outreach Specialist

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Misty West

Misty West

High School Career Coach

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