Programs of Study

Credit Programs
Degrees and Majors

Randolph Community College offers a variety of college credit programs in which students can earn associate degrees, diplomas and/or certificates. We also offer a Developmental Studies and a Peer Tutorial program to help students improve their academic skills.

Noncredit Programs
Continuing Education

Randolph Community College offers noncredit courses in a variety of program areas at the Asheboro Campus, the Archdale Center, and many other locations throughout the county.

Arts, Social Sciences, and Public Services Division:

Business & Commercial Arts Division:

Health Sciences and Cosmetic Arts Division:

Industrial, Engineering & Transportation Division:

Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics (STEM) Division:

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Emergency Medical Services:

Health Occupations:

Health and Wellness:




Mechanical & Engineering:

Online Continuing Education:

Personal & Professional Enrichment:

Real Estate:


Small Business:

Teacher Renewal: